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So excited to start off this blog with a product review for a delicious gluten free baked good.

Today was 118 degree in Phoenix, what better way to cool off than a nice cold bundt cake!
My wife has been telling me about these for a while now, but we never had a chance to check it out.
Good thing it was my neighbor’s birthday today, giving us an excuse to go buy her a cake, and sneak in a little goody on the side 😉

In general, I am hesitant when trying a new gluten free baked good.
However, this one takes the cake.

They feature 1 flavor which this time was the “chocolate chip cookie”.
The not so small sized bundt cake did not taste gluten free at all.
It was: moist, buttery, sweet (not too sweet), chewy (not falling apart), and topped with some incredible icing.
The price wasn’t too steep @ $4.50.
Based on this cake, I would honestly say that any flavor would be awesome.

I spoke with the location owner and was assured that their process of preventing cross contamination is pretty good. Make sure to ask at your local store to be certain that the proper measures are taken.
The package clearly states: “gluten free – but not prepared in a gluten free environment”
I also had no adverse reactions after eating the cake – wolfed it down in under 5 minutes!

Its always exciting to try a new gluten free product – especially when it taste so good!!

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